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    Debt Collection, Process Serving, People Tracing & Asset Checking


    No matter what your situation is we can help. ALP continues to invest in systems and processes to ensure all information is handed to you swiftly and securely.

    Adams Legal Partners (ALP) is a family-run company established in 2010, offering a range of comprehensive legal services. With offices in Preston, Birmingham, and London, ALP specialises in supporting solicitors, insolvency practitioners, financial institutions, and individuals or companies seeking assistance in debt recovery. Our services include efficient process serving of legal documents, thorough asset checks to assess financial viability, reliable tracing services to locate individuals, and effective debt collection strategies. ALP’s dedicated team, trained in debt collection processes, collaborates with enforcement companies and solicitors to ensure successful debt recovery for our clients.

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    debt collection

    Debt Collection

    Led by the managing director, the debt recovery team recover up to £20 million each year for clients. The team has been heavily trained on debt collection processes, negotiation, and partner with enforcement companies and solicitors to cover all situations to get your debt collected. Our clients’ money is paid out the following day or paid directly. Our no-nonsense, simplified process is enjoyed by thousands of UK and international clients.

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    Lost someone? Tennant moved away? Lost contact with an old friend. Court papers returned as ‘not served’. Use our low-cost, same-day Trace service. ALP are proud to use each of the major tracing systems, so that the results are cross-checked and much more reliable.

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    process serve

    Process Serve

    If you need legal documents process serving, our agents can attend within 24 hours, including service of court orders, insolvency papers such as statutory demands or bankruptcy petitions, summons to attend court, witness summons and divorce papers.

    Statements are provided free of charge, and we also provide a free address check prior to attending.

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    asset check

    Asset Check

    The team can also provide full detailed financial reports on your debtors, clients and potential business partner’s, including assets and location confirmation, mortgages, employment or directorships (and much more), which can help determine whether it is worth investing the time and money in issuing a country court claim.

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    company checks in Manchester

    Company Checks

    Our company checks are the most in-depth reports in the industry because they are not just dates and numbers, an actual human debt recovery expert reviews every case.

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