12-month old debt settled within one week

debt rovery for a vet

Case Summary:

Adams Legal Partners, representing a locum vet recruitment agency, successfully recovered a debt of over £7,000 from a vet who had owed the money for over a year. This was the second time in two months that the agency had to engage the services of Adams Legal Partners due to unpaid debts.


Despite numerous promises, the debt remained unpaid, prompting the recruitment agency to take action.

Notably, the client had not previously utilised ALP’s Company Check service, which provides essential information about debtors, including CCJs (County Court Judgments), insolvencies, accounts, and much more. Subsequently, the agency now uses this service to assess the creditworthiness of new customers.

Tracing the Debtor:

Adams Legal Partners’ thorough debt collection process involves tracing debtors, verifying their addresses, and assessing their assets. In this case, agents successfully identified the debtor’s home address and discovered that she also owned some shops. Further investigations revealed that the debtor was on vacation in Spain.

Debt Collection Process:

During the debtor’s absence, ALP proactively reached out to her, providing notification of an impending visit by our agents upon her return. Despite making numerous attempts through calls, emails, and WhatsApp, we encountered no response. Verification from the debtor’s own shop staff indicated her expected return in the following week. Subsequently, ALP enlisted the services of an external agent to serve legal papers, ensuring the debtor was informed of the imminent service, which might not necessarily occur at the airport but shortly thereafter.

Successful Outcome:

The agent eventually successfully made contact with the debtor, who explained that her previous silence was due to illness. She committed to paying the full debt, including all associated costs, the following day.

When the payment did not materialise, the agent set out to serve the legal papers. During his journey, he made contact with the debtor, and shortly after, the client confirmed receiving full payment directly. In addition to the debt, the debtor also covered interest and costs, resulting in the client being only approximately £100 short of the original debt.


In an exceptional turnaround, a 12-month-old debt was settled within one week. This case highlights the importance of using credit checking services, such as a Company Check, before extending credit to customers.

For a nominal fee of £30 (reduced fees for multiple instructions), it can potentially save thousands in the long run.

Adams Legal Partners encourages those facing similar situations to get in touch via email at info@adamslegalpartners.co.uk or by calling 01772 584 674 to speak with their dedicated team.

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