Absconded Tenant Debt Collection

Adams Legal Partners (ALP) recently undertook a debt collection case involving a farmer who absconded overnight, leaving the landlord owed six months’ rent totaling £20,000. This case study highlights the challenges faced by the landlord in locating the debtor and showcases the strategies employed by ALP to successfully recover the debt.

Challenges in Locating the Debtor:

The landlord faced significant difficulties in tracking down the debtor as no address was provided upon departure. This lack of information made it arduous to determine the debtor’s whereabouts and initiate the debt collection process.

Tracing and Monitoring:

ALP swiftly included the debtor in their comprehensive trace and monitoring system to expedite the location process. Through diligent investigation, it was discovered that the debtor had a mortgage on a property located approximately 100 miles away from the farm, near Wales. Confirming this property’s ownership as belonging to the debtor presented a significant breakthrough in the case.

Service of Pre-Legal Notice:

With confirmation of the debtor’s property ownership, ALP’s agents promptly attended the property and served a pre-legal notice in the debtor’s absence. This preliminary action ensured that the debtor was made aware of the impending legal consequences of non-payment.

Demand for Immediate Resolution:

Following the service of the pre-legal notice, the debtor contacted ALP later that day. During the conversation, ALP explained the urgency of resolving the outstanding debt and informed the debtor that failure to reach an amicable solution would result in the subsequent delivery of legal papers. The debtor attempted to offer various excuses and evade payment, but ALP’s agent effectively countered each argument, emphasizing the creditor’s intention to pursue bankruptcy proceedings if immediate payment was not made.

Partial Payment and Future Settlement:

In a positive turn of events, the debtor made a payment of £2,000 directly into the landlord’s bank account. Furthermore, the debtor provided evidence that additional funds would be available in the first week of January 2023 to settle the remaining debt in full. ALP was confident that the remaining debt would be paid, thus ensuring a successful outcome for the landlord. Indeed, the debt was paid on time.

Expertise in Debt Collection for Absconded Tenants:

Based on the successful recovery of this debt, ALP highlights its proficiency in locating and dealing with absconded tenants. ALP’s robust tracing and monitoring systems, coupled with their effective debt collection strategies, ensure that debtors are identified and confronted, leading to favorable outcomes for clients.

Complementary Services Offered:

In addition to debt collection for absconded tenants, ALP extends its expertise to serve eviction notices on behalf of landlords. By utilizing their process serving services, landlords can ensure efficient and legally compliant eviction procedures. For more information on this service, visit ALP’s Process Serving page.


ALP successfully resolved a debt collection case involving an absconded tenant who left the landlord with significant rental arrears. With evidence of forthcoming funds, ALP was confident that the remaining debt would be settled, and it promptly was. By leveraging their trace and monitoring system, ALP traced the debtor to a property owned near Wales. Through effective communication, the debtor was made aware of the impending legal repercussions and subsequently made a partial payment. With evidence of forthcoming funds, ALP is confident that the remaining debt will be settled promptly.

This case exemplifies ALP’s commitment to providing efficient debt recovery services, even in challenging situations such as absconded tenants. By utilizing their expertise, ALP ensures that debtors are located and confronted, leading to favorable outcomes for their clients.

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