Airport Debt Recovery

Adams Legal Partners recently undertook a case to recover landing fees on behalf of a company that rented a hangar at a busy airport. The debtor in question operated leisure flights and training facilities for aspiring pilots. This case study explores the challenges faced, strategies employed, and successful outcome achieved by our debt recovery team.


Upon receiving instructions, there were immediate concerns surrounding the debtor’s financial situation. The company had recently faced a county court judgment amounting to over £30,000. Additionally, their accounts revealed a substantial running loss exceeding a quarter of a million pounds. These factors heightened the urgency and complexity of the case.

Tracing the Director:

Our diligent trace team embarked on locating the company’s director to initiate communication and pursue debt recovery. Once located, our debt collector promptly informed the director of an impending visit. It is worth noting that debtors often claim non-receipt of invoices, a common challenge encountered by our experienced debt recovery team. However, the debtor’s excuses were swiftly refuted, leaving no room for evasion.

Debt Collection Process:

In light of the debtor’s acknowledged liability, our agent provided a 24-hour window for the debtor to settle the outstanding debt, inclusive of our client’s costs. This deadline was communicated clearly, ensuring there was no ambiguity regarding the expectations and consequences for non-compliance.

Successful Recovery:

Remarkably, within just one hour of issuing the ultimatum, our client received an email confirming full debt settlement, including commercial recovery costs and accrued interest. The debt recovery process, from initial contact to successful resolution, was completed in less than 24 hours. This expedited outcome was particularly gratifying for our client, who had been relentlessly pursuing the debtor for a prolonged 18-month period.


Adams Legal Partners successfully undertook the recovery of landing fees owed by a company operating within the aviation industry. Despite the debtor’s prior county court judgment and significant financial losses, our debt recovery team achieved an impressive outcome within a remarkably short timeframe. By employing efficient tracing techniques, effective communication, and clear ultimatums, we swiftly compelled the debtor to settle the outstanding debt. This case exemplifies our commitment to providing swift and effective debt recovery services, offering our clients respite from protracted financial disputes.

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