ALP Recover Over £300,000 from Ex-Professional Footballer

Adams Legal Partners (ALP) undertook a debt recovery case involving a debtor living in the Cheshire area, who was an ex-professional footballer. This case study highlights ALP’s efforts in recovering over £300,000 owed by the debtor for house renovations. Due to confidentiality reasons, the debtor’s identity cannot be disclosed.


The debtor engaged ALP to recover a substantial debt of approximately £300,000 for renovations carried out on a property. Although the work was nearly completed, the debtor abruptly ceased making payments. ALP was provided with 60 text messages in which the debtor repeatedly promised payment while presenting various excuses, such as being out of the country.

ALP’s Actions:

After attempting to establish contact through a 7-day letter, calls, emails, and texts without any response from the debtor, ALP decided to escalate the matter. An agent was dispatched to meet with the debtor in person. During the meeting, the debtor claimed that the work was disputed. Despite this, the agent inspected the property and even praised its appearance to maintain a professional atmosphere.

Legal Intervention:

Shortly after the agent’s visit, the debtor contacted his solicitor, who demanded the agent’s departure on the grounds of a disputed debt. This frustrating tactic employed by the debtor clearly indicated an intention to evade payment. In response, ALP immediately instructed one of their panel solicitors to serve legal papers on the debtor, commencing legal proceedings to recover the outstanding debt.


The debt recovery process proved to be lengthy due to the debtor’s attempts to manipulate the legal system. However, after two years of tenacious pursuit, the debtor was ultimately compelled to settle the majority of the debt along with substantial costs. Despite the time taken, the successful outcome justified the perseverance demonstrated by ALP throughout the case.


Adams Legal Partners successfully recovered over £300,000 from a former professional footballer, resolving a debt owed for house renovations. Despite the debtor’s efforts to exploit legal loopholes, ALP’s determination and strategic approach ensured a favorable outcome for their client. This case exemplifies ALP’s commitment to providing effective debt recovery solutions, even when confronted with challenging situations.

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