Asset Recovery

Adams Legal Partners (ALP) received instructions from a solicitor based in Manchester who was handling a car recovery matter on behalf of their terminally ill client. This case study highlights the unique circumstances surrounding the loaned vehicle, the successful recovery process, and the ultimate resolution achieved by ALP.


The solicitor’s client had generously loaned a family member a sum of money to purchase a car. However, it was stipulated that the car would remain the client’s property until the full amount was paid, establishing a legal lien. Over the course of three years, the debtor had made only a few sporadic payments towards the loan.

Car Recovery Process:

The instructing solicitor collaborated with an experienced agent from ALP to undertake the car recovery process. Together, they attended the scene and managed to successfully repossess the vehicle. Ensuring the car’s safety, it was then transported to a secure location for storage until the debt was fully settled.

Preservation of Evidence:

Recognizing the importance of documenting the car recovery process, the solicitor took footage at the scene to gather crucial evidence. However, there were minor concerns during the operation as ALP’s agent, who stands at an impressive height of 6ft 7″, faced some difficulties fitting into the car. Nevertheless, this did not impede the successful recovery of the vehicle.

Full Payment and Resolution:

Following the car’s repossession, the debtor fulfilled their financial obligations by making full payment for the vehicle. Consequently, the client, who was nearing the end of their life, received the outstanding money owed to them. This successful resolution ensured that the client’s wishes were honored and their financial interests protected.


Adams Legal Partners effectively assisted a solicitor in the car recovery process for their terminally ill client. The diligent efforts of the instructing solicitor and ALP’s experienced agent led to the successful repossession of the vehicle, safeguarding the client’s financial interests. Through full payment, the client received the money owed to them, providing a favorable resolution in the face of challenging circumstances.

This case underscores ALP’s commitment to delivering efficient and comprehensive legal solutions, even in complex and sensitive matters. Our dedication to client satisfaction and adherence to legal procedures ensures optimal outcomes in debt recovery cases.

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