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Company checks – safe business transactions

It’s rare that we’ll tell you not to take on a new customer.  
Instead, each case is reviewed by a debt recovery expert to help you protect yourself

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Sadly, many bad debtors will start off as good customers. Stop debt before it starts for just £30.00

They will act like your best client and your best friend initially, just so that they can obtain more credit from you.

At first, all will seem great. You’ll get paid whilst the debtor continues to build up trust. You will then probably give more credit because you need the income, and you trust them now.

Overtime payments will get later and later, and the excuses will start to roll in. You will have promise after promise about imminent payments, but without you knowing they will already be onto their next victim.

Further typical behaviour is that the debtor will probably dispute the balance owing and engineer a fall out. They will probably block your ability to contact them, stop corresponding altogether or even become abusive. This is because they know that for you, earning new money is much easier than collecting old money.

You’re not on your own – we’ve all put our trust in the wrong people! Our company checks are the most in-depth reports in the industry because they are not just dates and numbers, an actual human debt recovery expert reviews every case. It is rare that we’ll tell you not to take a client on, we’ll just give you some guidance on how to protect yourself whilst retaining your customer.

What’s included:

Company Credit Score

Discreet director checks – CCJ’s and insolvencies

Assets & Accounts

Director’s accounts & mortgage information

Personal review / recommendations by one of our experts

Frequently asked questions

We wouldn’t recommend doing it for every client, but for credit amounts extending into the thousands, it’s a crucial step in your due diligence process.

Typically, the turnaround time is half a business day because each case is extensively reviewed by a debt recovery expert. However, in exceptional cases, we may need more time for more comprehensive examination. In such instances, we aim to provide your detailed report within 24 hours.

A limited company doesn’t have to file their accounts until 12 months after the end of the first year’s accounting period. During that period, it’s worth examining the director’s financials, as well as any other current or previous directorships.

Certainly, please email info@adamslegalpartners.co.uk or call 01772 584 674, and we’ll work out a cost-effective structure for you.

You don’t want to turn away all your customers. That’s why our team is also highly trained in debt collection. They can guide you in the right direction and provide steps to protect yourself, allowing you to retain your customer.

No problem. The team will perform a quick check for you twice per year. Just email info@adamslegalpartners.co.uk.

Yes, the information in the report is confidential and will only be shared with you.

Yes, we can provide the same Company Checks for all types of businesses, not just limited companies.

No, our standard tracing service does not involve a credit search footprint on your customer’s credit file. We prioritize confidentiality and privacy, ensuring that our tracing activities are conducted discreetly and without leaving any impact on the individual’s credit history.

Our standard price is £30 but if you have multiple instructions, email info@adamslegalpartners.co.uk or call 01772 584 674 for discounted pricing details.

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