Consumer Fight Back


Adams Legal Partners (ALP) recently assisted a customer in recovering £250 from a rogue broadband supplier who had failed to deliver on their promised internet speeds. The customer had been assured of download speeds of 10mb and upload speeds of 2mb, which seemed satisfactory given their rural location. However, the actual speeds were significantly lower, with downloads reaching a maximum of 2mb and uploads as low as 0.1mb. This inadequate service was unacceptable for the customer, who relied on a stable internet connection for remote work.

Attempts to contact the company proved futile, as phone calls went unanswered, and the online chat support was equally unhelpful. After persistent efforts, the customer managed to connect with a representative who casually mentioned that the advertised speeds were only achievable through an ethernet cable connection, a practice uncommon among consumers nowadays.

Left with no viable alternative, the customer had to discontinue the broadband service and opted for the Starlink satellite system, which provided them with impressive speeds of 200mb. Meanwhile, the rogue broadband company persisted in threatening the customer with a default on their credit file and attempted to charge £10 in late fees. The customer diligently responded to each automated email, disputing the charges, but received no response.

To the customer’s dismay, without any prior notice, the broadband company debited a full year’s subscription fee, including the late fees, from their bank account. The customer reported the incident to the bank’s fraud department, but unfortunately, they declined to pursue the case. As a result, the customer found themselves out of pocket by more than £250.

ALPs Actions:

ALP’s representatives guided the customer through the Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) process, which grants individuals the right to access their personal data held by companies. Despite the legal obligation to provide the requested data within 30 days, the broadband company failed to comply. Consequently, a complaint was lodged with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which ultimately upheld the complaint.

Legal Intervention:

Subsequently, the customer pursued legal action in two parts: reclaiming the wrongfully taken funds from their bank account and seeking damages for the company’s misconduct. While the legal process took some time, with ALP’s assistance, the customer was awarded a judgment of approximately £1,250. Thanks to ALP’s diligent efforts, this judgment has now been fully settled.

Large corporations often attempt to hinder customers with convoluted procedures and cunning contractual clauses that limit their ability to take action. Although ALP cannot handle every case, if we choose to represent you, there is a high likelihood of successfully reclaiming your money and recovering some costs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about how ALP can assist you.

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