Debt Collection for Landlords

Why is debt collection for landlords necessary?

Most rental tenants are honest, trustworthy and pay their liabilities. However, some do not.

Adams Legal Partners can help letting agencies, private landlords and social housing providers trace, locate and collect outstanding debt. Find them, collect from them – it’s that simple. Our extensive tracing and asset checking service will start you off on the road to recovering unpaid money due to you, for simply assisting somebody with a place to live.

Many people are unaware that you can also pursue costs for rectification of damages to properties by unruly tenants – Adams Legal Partners are here to help.

One of the first steps to achieving successful debt collection for landlords is to serve a ‘Notice to Quit‘.

Adams Legal Partners also offer an alternative solution to pre-tenant checking. We have found that many of the companies that offer this facility cannot search the tenant’s historic CCJ and Insolvency details beyond their previous address. But with advanced technology, Adams Legal Partners are able to delve deeper into the tenant’s past and find all potential CCJ’s and potential insolvencies from any address during the last 6 years. Knowing this could save you the need to pursue debt collection for landlords in the first place. Get in touch with us for more information.

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