Debt Collection in Hong Kong

Adams Legal Partners (ALP) recently undertook a debt recovery case involving a large historic debt owed by an individual based in Hong Kong. This case study highlights the challenges faced by our client in tracking down the debtor and showcases the effective strategies employed by ALP to successfully recover the debt within a short timeframe.


Our client approached ALP with a significant outstanding debt that had been pending for two years. The debtor, based in Hong Kong, had proven elusive, making it difficult for our client to pursue recovery efforts. Fortunately, there was a personal guarantee in place from the director, providing a legal avenue for pursuing the debt.

Tracing and Communication:

ALP took immediate action upon receiving instructions. Our skilled team embarked on tracing the debtor’s whereabouts, utilizing various resources and techniques to locate the individual. Once traced, ALP initiated contact with the debtor through a series of effective measures, including sending two letters and establishing communication via phone and email.

Swift Resolution:

Within a remarkably short span of 14 days, ALP’s diligent efforts bore fruit. The debtor, upon receiving our communications and understanding the seriousness of the matter, promptly settled the outstanding balance. As a result, the long-standing debt was fully recovered, and the case was successfully resolved.

Client Satisfaction:

Our client expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the outcome, stating that they were “absolutely over the moon” with the results achieved. They further endorsed ALP’s services, wholeheartedly recommending our expertise with a 100% recommendation rate.


Adams Legal Partners successfully undertook the recovery of a large historic debt owed by an individual in Hong Kong. By employing effective tracing methods and establishing direct communication channels, ALP was able to swiftly confront the debtor and secure payment within a mere 14 days. This case highlights ALP’s commitment to providing comprehensive debt recovery solutions, even in complex international scenarios.

Our client’s satisfaction and enthusiastic endorsement attest to the quality and efficiency of our services. At Adams Legal Partners, we strive to exceed client expectations and deliver optimal outcomes in debt recovery cases.

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