International Clients

Adams Legal Partners (ALP) recently undertook a debt collection case with a unique geographical challenge. Our client, based in South East Asia, sought to recover £12,000.00 from a debtor located in the West Midlands. This case study highlights ALP’s ability to overcome geographical barriers and achieve successful debt collection results.

Client’s Background:

Our client had been pursuing the debtor for three years after the individual failed to fulfill a promise to undertake work. Despite persistent efforts to contact and meet the debtor, our client was unable to recover the owed amount. Consequently, she turned to ALP’s debt collection team for assistance.

ALP’s Approach:

ALP recognizes that geographic distance is not a hindrance to successful debt collection. With a strong presence in the UK, we were determined to achieve a positive outcome for our client. We initiated the process by conducting a thorough asset check and trace verification, leveraging our state-of-the-art tracing systems and extensive debt collection experience spanning over 25 years.

Swift Recovery:

Within a remarkably short timeframe of six weeks, ALP successfully collected the full amount owed to our client. Our dedicated team effectively utilized advanced tracing techniques and industry expertise to locate the debtor, initiate contact, and secure the owed funds.

Cross-Continental Assistance:

ALP’s success in this case exemplifies our commitment to assisting clients based outside the UK. Regardless of geographic location, we provide comprehensive debt collection services. Clients situated overseas can easily instruct our services through our online platform, ensuring seamless and efficient support.


Adams Legal Partners demonstrated its ability to overcome geographical barriers in debt collection by achieving a successful outcome for a client based in South East Asia. Our client, who had spent years attempting to recover the owed amount, entrusted ALP with the case. Through thorough asset checks, trace verification, and the utilization of advanced tracing systems, we swiftly collected the full debt within a six-week timeframe.

This case showcases ALP’s extensive experience in debt collection, effective use of cutting-edge technologies, and commitment to assisting clients regardless of their location. Our online platform simplifies the process for clients based outside the UK, ensuring that they receive comprehensive debt collection services tailored to their needs.

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