1 Hour Person Trace for £40.00

Are you tired of endlessly searching for someone who owes you money? Or perhaps you’ve been trying to reconnect with an old friend or relative?

Look no further, because ALP has the perfect solution for you.

ALP proudly offer a reliable and affordable people trace service designed to help you find anyone in the UK.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing swift results, and with our 1-hour turnaround time, you can expect to receive the information you need promptly. The best part is that you’ll only be charged £40.00 when we successfully locate the person you are looking for.

Countless customers have entrusted our people trace service, including landlords seeking to recover rent from absconded tenants, solicitors in need of serving court papers on behalf of their clients, and individuals yearning to reunite with their loved ones.

At ALP, we are confident in our ability to find those who might have evaded you for far too long. Our proven track record and many satisfied clients speak for themselves.

CALL 01772 584 674 today or fill out our contact form below and let us help you find the person you’ve been searching for all this time.

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When to use Tracing:

Bad debtor gone away

Lost friend or family

Address verification

Pre-sue investigations

Our systems

We use the latest technology with a multi-system approach to ensure the information supplied to you is accurate. This includes each of the UK’s credit reference agencies as well as industry specific systems and techniques.

Data alone is not enough, people tracing needs qualified people to cross-check and verify the data streams. ALP agents can deal with all of this for a low cost fee, charged only when we’re successful.

7,326 – People traced on average each year

6,329 – Legal documents served for clients

£18,500,000 – Debts collected by agents each year


People tracing is the process of locating individuals whose current whereabouts are unknown. It is often used for various reasons, including debt recovery, legal matters, or simply reconnecting with lost contacts.

Yes, people tracing is legal when conducted by licensed and compliant agencies. They adhere to privacy laws and regulations to ensure ethical and lawful practices.

The time it takes to trace someone can vary depending on the circumstances. In some cases, the process can yield immediate results, particularly when the person being traced has a recent and easily accessible digital trail. However, for more complex cases, such as locating an absconded tenant or someone who has intentionally tried to remain hidden, the tracing process may require more extensive investigation, leading to a longer timeframe. Despite this, the aim of our tracing service is to provide you with a result within 24 hours whenever possible. Our team of skilled investigators works diligently to efficiently gather the necessary information to locate the individual you are searching for.

No, you will not be breaching data protection laws as long as you have a legitimate and lawful reason for seeking to locate the person in question. Data protection laws are in place to safeguard individuals’ personal information and ensure it is used responsibly and appropriately. When availing our tracing service, we require our clients to provide a valid reason for the search, such as locating a debtor, reuniting with a long-lost relative, or serving legal documents. By adhering to these lawful purposes and maintaining strict confidentiality, we ensure that all tracing activities are conducted in compliance with data protection regulations.

At ALP, our team of expert investigators employs a variety of sophisticated techniques and sources to trace individuals effectively. One of the primary methods we utilise is accessing data from reputable credit reference agencies. People often leave financial footprints as they interact with financial institutions, make transactions, or open accounts, creating a trail of information that can be utilised to trace their whereabouts. By accessing this data, we can gather valuable insights into a person’s recent financial activities, which can lead us to their current location.

Additionally, our investigators may explore various other data sources, including public records, electoral rolls, social media platforms, and other publicly available information. We do not engage in any illegal or unethical practices, and all information gathering strictly adheres to the applicable laws and regulations.

It is not uncommon for the person you are searching for to be found at the address you already have, especially if they owe you money or have had previous interactions with you or your business. In such cases, we understand that you may still want to confirm their current whereabouts officially. To accommodate this scenario, ALP offers a fair and reasonable policy. If the person is indeed located at the address you provided and the trace is considered successful, you will only be charged 50% of the tracing fee. We believe in providing transparent and client-friendly services, ensuring that you receive value for your investment.

In some cases, the trace subject may prove challenging to locate, especially if they have moved abroad or are experiencing homelessness. However, if our tracing efforts do not yield the desired results, you can rest assured that you will not be charged for the service. ALP remains committed to providing accurate and reliable information, but some circumstances may fall outside the scope of our tracing capabilities. Should the trace subject be untraceable or beyond our reach, we will strive to offer evidence supporting our inability to find them, and no fee will be levied for the unsuccessful trace.

ALP offers a competitive fee for our successful tracing service, which is set at £40.00. This fee encompasses the comprehensive efforts of our skilled investigators to trace and provide you with the sought-after information regarding the individual you are looking for. We believe in providing quality service at a reasonable cost, ensuring that you have access to an efficient and professional tracing solution without incurring exorbitant expenses. Please note that this fee is applicable only when the tracing endeavour proves successful, as we do not charge for unsuccessful attempts to locate the individual.

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