Process Serving: Fast, Reliable, and Affordable Legal Document Delivery

Do you need legal documents serving urgently? ALP can help! We offer 24-hour initial attendance across the UK, with free address verification and re-attendance if the recipient is not home.

Our team of experienced Process Servers provides our customers with the highest level of service. Here are some of the benefits of using ALP Process Serving:

  • 24-hour turnaround: We can serve your legal documents within 24-hours of receiving your instructions.
  • Free address verification: We will verify the recipient’s address before we serve the documents, to ensure that we are serving them to the correct person.
  • Re-attendance: If the recipient is not at home when we first attempt to serve the documents, we will re-attend at no additional cost.
  • Free witness statements: We will provide a free witness statement to confirm that the documents were served.

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What documents require Process Serving?

Statutory Demand

Bankruptcy Petition

Winding-Up Petition

Order to Attend Court

Eviction Notice


Divorce Petition

Non-Molestation Order

Any other legal documents

Frequently asked questions

Process serving is the act of delivering legal documents, such as court summons, Statutory Demands and other relevant papers, to the individuals involved in a legal case or a debt recovery situation.

If an individual refuses to accept the documents, the process server may use alternative methods, such as leaving the documents at the person’s feet or affixing them to the door.

Fixed fee – £100, which includes up to three visits and Certificate of Service. We can offer a discount if the location in question is close to our offices. If your legal papers require service near to these areas please get in touch for a discounted price.

The courts are content with many documents being served by post or email, but certain documents need to be placed in the Debtor / Defendant’s hand (or at least an attempt made). Further, individuals involved in a legal case are not allowed to serve documents themselves. It is generally required that an impartial third party, such as a professional process server, handles this task.

Our team will leave a letter of appointment, which will the give the Debtor / Defendant / Respondent notice that our Agent will reattend at certain time, which we will do. If the Debtor / Defendant / Respondent is not there for the appointment, the papers will be placed through the letterbox, and will be deemed served by way of substituted service.

Our Process Server will provide a free Statement of Service, which can be used as evidence in court. The Agent will also take photographs and record the attendances on their bodycam, which is also stored for our clients if required.

Usually, two visits are made, but we are happy to make further attendances if required.

ALP provide a free address verification on instruction, however, people can sometimes move on whilst the Process Server is attending. We are happy to reattend if instructed.

Yes, legal documents can be served internationally. However, the process may be more complex and may involve adherence to international treaties or conventions.

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