Why is there a need for Asset Checking in Blackpool?

First and foremost, it’s important to recognise that Blackpool is a vibrant and popular tourist destination, enjoyed by millions of visitors each year. The tourism industry significantly contributes to the local economy, bringing in substantial revenue. However, Blackpool’s economy experiences fluctuations due to seasonal workers often leaving the town during the winter months.

To provide some context, Blackpool’s population during winter hovers just above 145,000. However, during the summer, the population can sell up to 3 x times that figure. Unfortunately, this population shift leads to an increase in individuals leaving the town, often leaving behind rent arrears. Regrettably, this issue seems to be escalating each year, resulting in the necessity for ALP (Adams Legal Partners) to assign two full-time agents to the Fylde area to handle process serving and debt collection demands.

For landlords or any other type of creditor, it is financially prudent to assess the viability of pursuing a debtor before taking any further action. For example, if the debtor is already bankrupt (or, in a commercial scenario, if their limited company has become insolvent), it would be unwise to risk spending substantial amounts of money on debt collection fees, solicitor’s fees, and court costs.

ALP’s Asset Checking in Blackpool service offers a comprehensive solution. For a reasonable fee of £100, you can obtain a customized report that includes a “chances of success” score. It’s important to note that this report does not constitute legal advice. Nevertheless, ALP’s Asset Checking system provides valuable insights into the likelihood of recovering payment from the debtor.

To learn more about the Asset Check service, you can visit our dedicated page here, or contact us directly for further information.

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